AT LEAST ONE AUTHOR of each paper should register for the conference with FULL REGISTRATION by 14 July 2019.

ONE FULL REGISTRATION covers ONLY ONE PAPER which you coauthor.

Please follow the following steps to complete the registration:

  • The authors are required to fill in the registration form (available for download here), and submit it to the respective finance co-chair by email. The detail information on the finance co-chair is available at the end of the registration form.
  • If the registrant is a coauthor to multiple papers, each of the papers must have different full registrations associated with them.
  • The paper may not be included in the proceedings if none of the authors of the paper are registered under a full registration.
  • Each registration fee (excluding onsite one-day registration) includes proceeding & program abstract, lunches, and conference banquet.
  • Attendees from Japan please submit payment to the APWCS 2019 Japanese bank account in Japanese yen.
  • Attendees from Taiwan please submit payment to the APWCS 2019 Taiwanese bank account in new Taiwan dollars.
  • Attendees from Korea please submit payment to the APWCS 2019 Korean bank account in Korean won.
  • Attendees from Singapore and other countries/regions please submit payment to the APWCS 2019 Singapore bank account in Singapore dollars.
  • If short message is allowed with payment, please mark the paper number, registrant name, and registration type.

Important Dates

Paper Submission Due
April 19, 2019
May 10, 2019
May 24, 2019
Recent Results Paper Submission Due
June 21, 2019
Acceptance Notification
June 28, 2019
July 05, 2019
Final Paper Due
July 14, 2019
Advance Registration Due
July 14, 2019